Monday, March 18, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry: Why a Florida Permit Is Better Than a Utah Permit

Thousands of Illinois residents are getting Utah CCW permits that will allow them to carry concealed in many other states. But which is the best option for an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit alternative until you can get yours issued by the State Police?

It seems very clear that the best way to get your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit will be to take the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting class. This will give you excellent training and qualify you for the Florida CCW permit, as well as satisfy the requirements for an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit, according to the legislation moving through Springfield.

So why care about a Florida CCW permit? The reason is that the current legislation specifically spells out Florida as a state that issues concealed carry permits with substantially the same qualifications as Illinois would have. Utah does not fit that bill. Therefore, a Florida permit is better to have than a Utah permit if you are an Illinois resident.

The pending legislation also allows those who hold an out-of-state permit to carry concealed for 365 days following passage of the law, as the State Police will be very backlogged trying to handle the flood of permit applications. After the 365 days, the Florida permit will be recognized; the Utah permit will not be.

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