Thursday, February 28, 2013

Education Requirement - Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Permit Class

The class required for applicants seeking an Illinois concealed carry gun permit is definitely getting more and more certain. On Feb. 26, 2013 the Illinois House voted overwhelmingly to adopt the language by Rep. Brandon Phelps that specifies that the NRA Basic Pistol Course will satisfy the training requirement.

A total of 27 amendments were offered by House members who were concerned about various provisions in the new concealed carry gun law for Illinois. Nobody offered anything different requiring gun classes for the concealed carry application except Brandon Phelps, which shows that his provision is acceptable to a majority of the representatives in Springfield.

According to the legislation now pending, the training class requirement to obtain an Illinois concealed carry gun permit can be met by taking the 8-hour NRA Basic Pistol Course as long as it is taught by an NRA certified Instructor.

To sign up for an NRA Basic Pistol Course in Northern Illinois, you can contact me by email at

The course consists of time in the classroom and shooting at a gun range, and will cover:

  • Basic Pistol Operation
  • Gun Safety
  • Marksmanship
  • Diagnosing Aiming Problems
  • What the Illinois Concealed Carry Law Requires
  • How to Safely Carry a Concealed Gun in Illinois

The NRA Basic Pistol Course features written materials prepared by the NRA and requires a written test to be passed, though this is not difficult if you are paying attention and participating during the class.

The shooting requirements for an Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Permit, as outlined in the pending legislation, are that you shoot 20 rounds at a target 7 yards away and 10 rounds at a target 15 yards away and hit 70% within a human-sized silhouette.  This is not very difficult if you are paying attention in class to learn the fundamentals.  These fundamentals, of aiming, trigger control, breath control, grip and stance, are all taught and practiced throughout the class.

The training requirement to get an Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Permit can also be satisfied by other means beside the NRA Basic Pistol Course, but this is by far the most comprehensive training available.

Classes will fill up and getting time on gun ranges will be very difficult as soon as this legislation is signed into law, so it is advisable to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course as soon as possible if you want to get an Illinois Concealed Carry Gun Permit.

Email at for more information.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting An Illinois Concealed Carry Permit - Class Requirements

Everyone wants to know how they can get a concealed carry permit in Illinois and what class will be required.  There is no way of knowing absolutely for sure which class will fulfill the requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit in Illinois, but this much we do know:

1) Rep Brandon Phelps is a leader in the concealed carry permit legislation battle and his bill, HB 997, appears to be the odds on favorite to be passed.

2) The education requirement, according to HB 997, is satisfied with an NRA Basic Pistol Course that is approximately 8 hours long, or other NRA courses (Basic Protection Inside the Home and Basic Protection Outside the Home).

3) Any of these classes, led by an NRA Certified Instructor, would qualify you to apply for a concealed carry permit in Illinois.

More information will follow.  In the meantime, if you wish to attend a class, you can email me at and I will advise you of classes in the greater Chicagoland area beginning in March, 2013.