Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Get an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Fast

If you are wondering what is the fastest way to get an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit, then you may want to think outside the box. Given how screwed up the State of Illinois is, waiting for the Illinois State Police to work through their backlog of applications will be like waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series. However, understanding the law gives you a clue as to how to speed up the process.

First off, to get an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit, you will have to pass a criminal background check, complete the application, pay the fee and provide proof of training. Then the wait will begin.

To get some insight, let's realize that the reason people want an Illinois permit is so that they will  be able to lawfully carry concealed. And with Reciprocity, this can be accomplished with an out-of-state, non-resident permit. But be careful which state you look at.

According to House Bill 1155 (as amended with Amendment 27), the Illinois State Police must enter into Reciprocity agreements with other states that have substantially the same qualifications as Illinois. The legislation lists the states, and Florida is one of them. Utah is not...

The backlog for an Illinois resident to get a Florida Concealed Carry Permit is not so bad, so getting a Florida CCW, while a bit more costly, is the fastest way to carry concealed in Illinois.
A word of caution is warranted. Many people have taken a class to get a Utah CCW without realizing that the law will recognize some states' permits, but remember that Utah is not among those listed.

Now, for a period of 6-12 months immediately following the Illinois' law enactment, all CCW permits will be recognized, but that will come to an end. Permanent recognition will only be for permits that come from states like Florida, according to the pending legislation.

For this reason, taking a good NRA course that satisfies the requirements of both Florida and the pending Illinois legislation is by far the best idea. If you do it right the first time, you won't have to worry.

To enroll in an NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course with the addition of the shooting qualification that will satisfy the State requirement, you can email me at

To keep up to date on legislation affecting concealed carry, as well as class information, you can go to Illinois Concealed Carry.