Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Class in Chicago Western Suburbs

As of March 5, 2013, the overwhelming evidence is that the NRA Basic Pistol Course will satisfy the training requirements for concealed carry in Illinois. Currently, NRA Certified Pistol instructors are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for classes and more and more classes are filling up shortly after they are announced.

If you are interested in getting an Illinois Concealed Carry Permit and want to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course, there will be one held in the near-west suburbs (LaGrange area) the first weekend in April.  For information, contact Mike at prepperdad@gmail.com.

The eight hour course includes range time, where you will fire to demonstrate your knowledge of the safety principles taught and basic marksmanship.  In order to pass the course and get your certificate, you will need to shoot accurately at targets only 15 feet away, which is not too difficult for most students. However, the instructor will only pass those students who demonstrate the proper attitude of safety, as well as possessing the skills and knowledge taught over the 8 hour class.

The cost for the class will be $150 plus range fees.  In order to comply with the training requirements set forth in House Bill 997, you will need to provide your own firearm and factory loaded ammunition (no reloads).  However, this specific requirement has not yet been passed into law, and firearms and ammunition are available for your use if you need one.

Unlike many of these classes who are taught by police officers who, if I can be blunt here, may or may not be great at teaching, this course will be taught by a seasoned trainer who is a dynamic, engaging instructor.