Monday, April 1, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Around Chicago

As of April 1st, there has been no change in the pending legislation in Springfield that outlines the requirements for an Illinois concealed carry class.  The legislation in the House still outlines several options, with the best one being the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.

Going through an Illinois concealed carry class is only the first step; what will take a lot of time is waiting for the State Police to issue you your permit, as a huge backlog is expected once the law is enacted.

To get the ability to carry concealed faster, going through a concealed carry class that satisfies the Florida requirement, as well as the pending Illinois requirement, is the best bet. This way, once the law is enacted and Florida permits are recognized, you will be able to carry concealed with your Florida CCW card right away. Not having to wait for the Illinois State Police will be a nice thing.

If you'd like to register for an Illinois concealed carry class that will fulfill the requirements of both the pending Illinois legislation and the Florida non-resident permit, you can register for a class that will be held in LaGrange on Saturday, April 20th by clicking here:

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