Thursday, April 11, 2013

Illinois Concealed Carry Class Qualifications

If students in the upcoming concealed carry classes do as well as the ones this past weekend, Illinois will have some very capable gun owners with permits.  Every student passed the range qualification, which was designed to comply with the current pending legislation in Springfield, and all qualified for their Florida permits.

The Florida permits will be recognized in Illinois either for a year or permanently, depending upon which version of the bill is passed.

Pictured here is Joyce practicing with a blank paper target.  Then she used a borrowed Glock 19 to shoot an almost perfect B27 Silhouette target, with 10 rounds each fired at 5, 7 and 10 yards. Women tend to do very well in beginners' marksmanship classes, partly because they come without a "macho" or "know it all" attitude. Everyone was impressed with Joyce. (Perhaps she is really an undercover, national champion marksman....)

You can register for the April 20th class here:

You can register for the May 4th class here:

You can register for the May 18th class here: