The Best Illinois Concealed Carry Class in the Chicago Area

"I took Mikes class on April 8th 2013 and it was EXCELLENT. Highly professional attitude towards safety and getting students trained the right way. It was also very lively and fun to attend. Mike has a great sense of humor and is an awesome teacher. 
Even if you have been owning guns and shooting for years , you will learn new things when you attend. this is the class that covers the correct training and target ( b27 ) skills that Illinois is planning to use so you'll be good to go thanks to Mike planning ahead, I looked at classes EVERYWHERE and drove nearly 100 miles each way to be here. Believe me this is the BEST there is !!!!!"
Bill Henderson

Joy learned the to focus on the fundamentals 
I took Mikes class last week Saturday. I had so much fun. He is truly an awesome guy. I was the only girl in the class. Mike and the other guys were very nice to me. Mike worked one on one with me on how to properly handle and shoot my gun. I was so pleased with the class. Thanks Mike.
 Joy Chillus 

Had a great time very informative and entertaining at the same time...will be sending many referrals your way. ..thanks again mike.  Great Job...

Joseph Ryan

Melanie Adams with her
B 27 Silhouette Target

Mike is a great and patient instructor.  As a female, I really appreciate how he made me feel confident and comfortable and helped me shoot so well my first time out.

Melanie Adams

Your class and instruction was outstanding! I recommend your NRA Basic Pistol to anyone looking for a higher knowledge and understanding of pistol safety. You're additional instruction for CCW related defense (included in that course) was worth the price tag alone. A big thank you from my wife and I.
                                                                                                     Jason Middleton