Concealed Carry Class Saturday, June 29th Class LaGrange Illinois

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course 
June 29th   9 AM to 6:00 PM 
American Legion Post 1941 
900 S. LaGrange Rd 
LaGrange, Il 60525

This Course Satisfies the Requirement for Florida CCW and Arizona CCW.

Before paying the $50 deposit through the Paypal link below, please read the following:

1) No live ammunition is allowed in an NRA classroom.

2) Advise the Chief Instructor asap if you will not be bringing your own firearm. (Guns are available for your use if you do not have one).

3) Only factory-loaded ammunition is allowed - no reloads. Unless prior arrangements are made with the Chief Instructor, students are to supply their own ammunition. 50 rounds is a minimum.

4) NRA course manual and targets will be provided.

5) The deposit is non-refundable, unless the class is cancelled. In the eventuality that you cannot make the class due to illness or emergency, the Chief Instructor may be able to credit your deposit toward a future class, however that cannot be guaranteed, due to class size and fixed costs.

6) Range attire: no shorts, open shoes / sandals or low-cut blouses or sleeveless shirts are allowed. This is for safety, as semi-automatic pistols throw off hot brass.

7) The Range requires safety glasses and hearing protection. If you do not have these, they can be rented for $1 each at the Range. There is also a Range fee of $20, which is the student's responsibility.

8) The NRA Course Completion Certificate is awarded for students who demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitude required to safely handle a firearm. Students who demonstrate a poor attitude to safety, or a "know-it-all" attitude will not be allowed to complete the course at the Range and will not be issued a Course Completion Certificate.

9) At the completion of the official NRA course curriculum, you will be given the opportunity to fire to qualify for the requirements of the pending Illinois Concealed Carry legislation (HB 1155, as amended by Amendment 27).  This consists of 30 rounds fired at a B-27 man-sized silhouette. Ten rounds each will be fired at 5, 7 and 10 yards, with 70% hitting the silhouette required to qualify. If the law is enacted with other shooting requirements, every attempt will be made for you to requalify at no additional charge from the Chief Instructor (range fees may apply).

10) Course cost is $150 ($125 if you are an NRA member or if you are a veteran) After paying the deposit, the balance is due before the start of class in the form of cash, Paypal or check. (If you are not an NRA Member, your $150 course fee will include a one year membership. Membership renewals are also discounted at this course.)

11) You will be done by 6:00 PM, depending upon how crowded the range is.

Illinois concealed carry class